How Does Your Hair become Frizzy? Ways to Prevent Frizzy Hair

How Does Your Hair become Frizzy? Ways to Prevent Frizzy Hair

First, it is imperative to find out what causes hair to frizz? It is crucial to add moisture in an appropriate way so as to keep your frizzy hair manageable. If you fail to do it, your frizzy hair will attract moisture from the air, and you’ll not like the results for sure. This is so because frizzy hair is dry, absorbing moisture from the air, which causes the cuticles to expand, then after you get frizzy hair. However, stop worrying unnecessarily as here we provide you with these handy tips on how to look after your frizzy hair by giving it the moisture it desires.

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How Your Hair Became Frizzy?

It is vital to know what causes your hair to frizz so that you can effectively control it. Numerous factors contribute towards frizz; however, the most common perpetrators are mentioned here below.

Using Substandard Products Can Make Your Hair Frizzy                      

When you make use of cheap or substandard products, it may cause damage to your hair and create frizz. This is because several lower-quality products contain alcohol, which is very drying and will make frizzy hair frizzier. Thus, you may have to shift to salon-quality conditioners, shampoos and hairsprays as they do not contain a lot of harsh ingredients.

Climate Can Get Your Hair to Frizz

Excessive exposure to the Sun can dry your hair and thereby result into frizz; the same can said of excessive humid or dry climate. As hair is sensitive to moisture levels in the air, hair is less flexible and more prone to frizzing during times of humidity. Dry air and less moisture can make frizzy hair vulnerable to static and flyaway. This can be caused due to air conditioners and indoor heaters. By utilising a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, you can shield your hair against these conditions, which can be ideally followed by protective styling products.

Frizzy Hair Is Also Affected By What You Eat and Drink

To keep your hair moisturised thoroughly, an appropriate diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, good sources of calcium and acquiring the required vitamins, nutrients and minerals into your system are vital. Vitamins that aid in shielding frizzy hair include Vitamins A, C, E and complex B Vitamins. In case, you don’t get these in plenty from your diet, supplements can also assist. To moisturise your frizzy hair thoroughly, it is crucial to drink a lot of water.

Some of Us Have Curly, Frizzy Hair from Birth

Some of us have curly or frizzy hair by birth. The hair of an African-American is usually curlier, the hair cuticles lie open and release moisture causing frizz. Although African-American hair grows sufficient scalp oils, it tends to be dry as the tight curl and thick texture of the hair obstructs the oils from reaching the ends. To tackle this problem, make use of a conditioner and shampoo with humectants, and apply a leave-in conditioner. Apply a hair oil or anti-frizz serum to your frizzy hair to complete.

Frizzy Hair May Be Formed Due To Tight Hairstyles

If possible, don’t wear ponytails on each and every day and when you do, make use of a covered band, to shield damaged or frizzy hair.

Chemically Processing Your Frizzy Hair Can Be Damaging

You may be adding to the problem if you’re colouring or bleaching your frizzy hair or if you’re chemically straightening it. So, it would be good to take a break from chemically processing your frizzy hair instead discuss the matter with your hairdresser beforehand.

Use the Finest Hair Care Products to Prevent Frizzy Hair

There are a few essential hairdressing supplies to keep frizzy hair sufficiently moisturised.

To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Growth – Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Silicone works to help tame frizzy hair and it is found in many anti-frizz products; nonetheless, it can also develop on the hair, making it look oily and unexciting. Thus, make use of a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month to discard surpluses.

Use an Anti-Frizz or Moisture Shampoo

Try to find a non-sulphate shampoo or a shampoo that comprises natural oil like camellia, which will not dry out the hair further, instead, it will aid taming frizz. In case, your frizzy hair is colour treated then these shampoos are especially important. For a fine frizzy hair, a root-promoting shampoo, which restores moisture and adds volumes, will nurture frizzy locks without weighing them down. You’ll also want to possess an excellent dry shampoo that can be used between washings. It’s suggested to just shampoo once or twice a week; the natural oils that build up are good at helping keep frizz at bay.

Use a Hydrating Conditioner

You’ll want to search for a conditioner, which is fitted with your particular hair type when it comes to frizzy hair. Suppose you have thin or fine frizzy hair, use a moisturising conditioner, which you can leave in for a minimum of five minutes and then completely wash out. Whenever you wash your hair, do this each time. In case, you have rough, frizzy hair then search for a smoothing conditioner that will weigh your frizzy hair a bit down. However, if your frizzy hair is curlier then a spell of hydrating conditioner will tame frizz by covering the hair shaft, making it tougher for external moisture to penetrate in.

Using a Mask, Apply Deep Condition on Frizzy Hair

To take care of your frizzy hair, this is a vital step. At least, once a week, treat your frizzy hair locks to a deep-conditioning hair mask. It helps in restoring damaged or frizzy hair precisely because a hair mask is a deep-penetrating, conditioning treatment. With ingredients like amino acids, proteins, lipids and natural oils, all of which can aid in fighting frizz; indeed, these products take conditioning a step further. These are advantageous to all types of hair. Suppose, you have chemically treated hair then look out for an anti-frizz treatment particularly designed for hair that has been calm, coloured or otherwise processed.

Using Hair Oil Treatments

Compared to masks, these products aren’t heavy; thus, for fine frizzy hair, they are good as they don’t weigh hair down. Select an oil treatment with vitamin E, argan oil, jojoba, coconut or olive to assist in fortifying the cuticle and stop frizz further. Remember, you should be applying it onto the lower portions of your hair so the crown doesn’t get very flat. Compared to synthetic products, oil treatments with natural oils are better at removing frizz as they last longer. Additionally, as a part of natural treatment, oil rubbed into your hands can be scarcely applied to your frizzy hair once it’s dry – this can assist in taming static and flyaway. This is mainly useful on hair that is naturally curly.